Matthew Sinclair
Wellington, Colorado View Map
970-556-8738 (Matthew)  970-214-8040 (Home)
Supporters of Rocky Mountain Junior Show Series
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Sinclair Livestock
ABGA Registered Bucks
ADVBG Storms Gust-10680418

ADVBG Ridin The Storm Out *Ennobled* X ADVBG Angels Mist
Gus had an extensive show career before coming to Colorado to stand at
Sinclair Livestock. He makes long, beautiful does with great breed character
and size.  He has complemented our AABG NBG Nailed It *Ennobled* and
TST1 Windy Acres Full Armour daughters well.

5 or more $50.00/unit
MTS1 Monsters Money Pit-10743626

10702964 SGG Monstrosity *Ennobled* X 10542045 MTS1 Kings Keno
Money has some of best in the business on his pedigree including:  Next
Dimension, Strategic Power, and Next in Line.  His does are blown apart in their
skeleton and have enough muscle to work both sides of the industry.  

5 or more $50.00/unit